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The Iron Men of Crosby Beach; Another Reason To Visit Liverpool

By Matt Morelli

We found ourselves at Crosby Beach in Merseyside (the English county in which Liverpool is located) on a particularly blustery day. We had come for a very particular reason, though at first, we had trouble finding it.

Having parked our car, we staggered our way up the steep sand dunes that separated the beach from the neighbouring parkland. A stiff breeze blew the dry sand in our eyes and scratched our cheeks. Once we'd crested the dune, we headed down to the beach and the winds eased.

The tide was out, so the beach was a vast, featureless expanse. It was peaceful and there was hardly anyone else about. As we walked along the beach, it slowly became apparent we were no longer alone.

One hundred iron men had joined us, spaced liberally across the beach from the water's edge to the land and stretching out in front of us for 3.2km (2 miles). Each iron man faced the water and was identical and emotionless.

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Iron Men on Crosby Beach, Merseyside
A breakwater on Crosby Beach, Merseyside
An iron man on Crosby Beach, Merseyside
An iron man & turbines on Crosby Beach, Merseyside

The statues, part of an installation called ‘Another Place' are cast replicas of the artist himself, Anthony Gormley. Whilst the presence of the statues caused some local controversy at the time of their installation, they are now an important part of the area's tourism industry and draw people in from all over the world, keen to share in the statue's motionless stoicism.

How to see the Iron Men of Crosby Beach

The statues are a permanent feature of Crosby beach and can be seen all year round. You can either drive (use postcode L23 6SX) or you can take the train from Liverpool Central station to Blundellsands (only 20 minutes). Upon arriving at Blundellsands, the attraction is a short stroll away.

You can buy train tickets up until departure from Liverpool Central or you can buy your tickets in advance from Trainline.

Stay safe and be prepared

For safety, visitors are advised to keep within 50 metres of the promenade and to not attempt to reach statues in or near the water. Tides can change quickly, so keep safe!

Sand will almost certainly be soft and wet, so make sure you wear suitable footwear.

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8 thoughts on “The Iron Men of Crosby Beach; Another Reason To Visit Liverpool”

  1. They are worth a visit what a fantastic sight didn’t know about them until I saw them on sky Arts wonderful

  2. I’m watching the series “Moving On” and they were on a few episodes. The series is awesome. It’s a different story all the time. I looked up what they were called. It’s fascinating to see. Wish I could one day see them in person.

    • I’m from there, born there and we used to go to Cosby Beach often, now living in Canada, I went over to isn’t family in 2019 and of course walked along the beach and saw and had my picture taken with an Iron Man.
      they all face out to sea, to America, where so many people went after WW11. quite a sight. some are in the water and get covered when the tide comes in.

  3. Been recently this year to see the iron man on the crosby beach was amazing to see by my own eyes visited on 10 08 2022 will go again sometime soon thanks 😊

  4. I am originally from Liverpool and went back last weekend to see family, I had seen pictures of the Iron Men but never in real life, they are spooky, earie, but overall magnificent, well worth a visit

  5. What a great art installation!

    We walked the length of the beach and had lunch at the street food cafe – Highly recommended

    Its a beautiful beach and stunning views – One not to miss


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