Climbing St Albans Clock Tower

With only a mere 93 steps to the top, St Albans Clock Tower certainly isn’t the tallest tower in Britain. That award goes to The Shard in London which has more than three times as many whole flights of stairs from top to bottom. At only £1 to get in though, it’s certainly much cheaper than The Shard and since it’s more than 600 years old, a great deal quainter.

St Albans Clock TowerPin
St Albans Clock Tower
The view from St Albans Clock TowerPin
The view from St Albans Clock Tower

Traversing the narrow staircase to the top was an experience in itself. Visitors seemingly are encouraged to yell up or down the staircase that they’re coming to avoid having to turn back. That’s because the staircase is so narrow, passing is impossible. At one point, Jade and I found ourselves temporarily trapped next to a large bell along with two parents and their three boys as we waited for the staircase to become available. Not a place for those with claustrophobic tendencies.

View of the street below from St Albans Clock TowerPin
View of the street below from St Albans Clock Tower

Once we’d reached the top, we were treated to lovely scenic views of the historic streets below and the surrounding rolling hills of Hertfordshire. If you find yourself in St Albans this summer, we’d certainly recommend a trip up the stone staircase to see it for yourself.

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