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Our Favourite 100% Vegan Eateries in Glasgow, Scotland

Discover our favourite vegan cafes, restaurants and bars in Glasgow, Scotland, including Suissi, Mono and TheDorkyFrench.
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Introducing Give Back 2.0: The Easy Way to Add Positivity to Your Travels

Find out more about Give Back, our growing database of animal sanctuaries, cultural exchanges, social impact projects, tours, tree planting and more.
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This Reforesting Project in Thailand is Thriving

In this video, we go to see a successful reforesting project near Pai in Northern Thailand.
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Pai, Thailand – Vegan Street Food at the Night Market

In this video, we’re looking for Vegan street food at the night market in Pai, Thailand.
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Chiang Mai, Thailand – Temples, Markets & Vegan Food

In this video, we’ll show you what we did during a one week stay, including visits to a plethora of temples, a number of night markets and a selection of vegan eateries.
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Sukhothai, Thailand – Exploring the Stunning Historic Ruins

We’re in the town of Sukhothai, home to an expansive historical park full of stunning ruins from the 13th and 14th centuries.
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Kanchanaburi, Thailand- Beautiful WATERFALLS of Erawan National Park

We’ve leaving Ayutthaya and heading down on the train, via Bangkok, to Kanchanaburi, Thailand.
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Ayutthaya, Thailand – 9 Incredible Temples In One Day!

In this video, you’ll see us travel in 3rd class on the train to Ayutthaya, to visit Ayutthaya Historical Park.
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Must See Temples in Bangkok, Thailand (Incl. Wat Saket, Wat Suthat & Wat Pho)

Our tour of the most incredible must-see temples in Bangkok starts at Wat Saket. We then stop by at the beautiful Wat Suthat.