About Us

Here To Travel is a website dedicated to food & travel in less explored places. We visit and unearth cities, regions and countries that deserve a lot more attention than they’re currently getting and use our first-hand experiences and knowledge to create free travel guides to help you explore them too. 

The Team

We’re a team of two, a married couple living in the UK, with a shared passion for travel.

Matt tastes a scrumptious Italian desert in Bedford
Matt tastes a scrumptious Italian desert in Bedford


Matt started Here To Travel in 2007 as a way of documenting his first flight and his first visit to Switzerland (that’s why there are mountains in our logo). Since then, he has tirelessly utilised his website building and writing skills to grow the brand into what it is today.

Jade at Hitchin Lavender
Jade enjoys the atmosphere at Hitchin Lavender


Jade is a walking ideas factory, helping to steer the brand with her strategic thinking and her good eye for opportunity. As well as providing assistance with written content, Jade is our in-house photographer and manages our Instagram account.

Our Values & Mission Statement

We want our work to have meaning and to have a positive impact on the planet. That’s why we’re steered by a set of values that are summarised in our mission statement.

Our mission is to provide honest, unbiased and useful travel guides for less explored places all over the world. We endeavour to maintain high levels of editorial integrity and to promote responsible travel that takes care of the environment and local communities.

Our work is guided by the policies set out in our Ethics Statement and our Responsible Travel Policy.

Why we focus on less explored places

Our interest in less explored places was born out of our own frustrations when travelling. In recent years, we’ve noticed how much longer the queues are getting, how much more expensive things are, how tourists jump from one attraction to the next in quick succession as if getting the photo is the aim. Overtourism is a rising problem in certain parts of the world, where increasing numbers are continually visiting the same well-known places, to the detriment of the tourist experience and the local community.

How we changed the way we travelled

Disillusioned by this way of travelling, we sought to address the problem by visiting places that we had never heard of before. The more second cities and less-heard-of regions and towns we visited, the more we came to realise that you don’t need to go to a well-known destination to have an incredible experience.

Less explored places are just as beautiful, just as interesting, just as culturally significant and just as fun and the big tourist hotspots. There’s no need to go far off the beaten path to find them. Many are close by and many you’ve probably already heard of. You just need someone to tell you where to look and what to do when you get there. That’s hopefully where we come in.

Why we only write about vegetarian and vegan food

In 2017, we became vegetarians after staying on a farm that housed animals that had been rescued from likely slaughter. During our short stay, we became so attached to the animals that they influenced us into ditching meat from our diet.

There’s no escaping the fact that meat consumption across the globe is having a detrimental affect on the environment and our health. Thankfully, more and more people around the world are beginning to phase meat out. As part of our commitment to promoting Responsible Travel, we now only recommend eateries that are either 100% veggie/vegan or at least serve a high number of veggie/vegan dishes.