About Us

Hello. We’re Matt & Jade and we are Here To Travel.

Travel has always been a huge passion of ours. Even before we met, we had both seen and experienced incredible things all over the world.

In 2014, a clever dating algorithm matched us and, after some witty back-and-forth, we arranged to meet in a small nearby town in Hertfordshire. On our first date, we chatted over tea and cake, walked aimlessly and climbed trees. You could say, we started as we meant to go on.

Today, as a married couple, we set out to explore cities and countries that see fewer visitors than the world’s major tourist destinations. As we go, we document our travels so that we can share our knowledge and experience with those seeking to do the same. Hopefully, that’s you!

We Love Discovering Less Explored Places

With overtourism becoming an increasing concern for both tourists and tourism boards, we aim to counter this growing problem by uncovering some of the world’s best less explored places.

These places are just as beautiful, just as interesting, just as culturally-significant and just as fun as the big tourist hotspots. They just don’t get as many visitors.

That means that for now, the places we cover aren’t as crowded and are cheaper to visit. It also means that your tourist money gets more evenly distributed, benefiting local communities.

Mucking about on a beach near Aarhus, Denmark
Matt & Jade on a pier in Varenna on Lake Como, Italy
Matt & Jade on a pier in Varenna on Lake Como, Italy

Veggie & Vegan Food is Boss!

In 2017, we both stayed at an Airbnb farmhouse. In the garden, the hosts were keeping chickens which had been rescued from likely slaughter. They seemed to be living happily and our existing doubts surrounding the ethics of eating meat grew.

On the drive back home, we both decided to become vegetarians (well, pescatarians for now) which very quickly became one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Not once have we missed eating meat.

Not satisfied with only keeping a vegetarian diet, we’ve been trying our best to be as vegan as possible. Thankfully, this decision has coincided with a huge growth in veganism. Being vegan has never been more easy and exciting.

As well as covering the best things to do in less explored places, we also write about the best veggie & vegan food in each of the destinations that we cover.

We’ve been all over the world

Individually and as a pair, we’ve visited nations and countries across five continents, and we plan on seeing as much of the world as we can.

Brownie points for anyone who can work out why we’ve ordered the countries in this way!