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Graubünden, Switzerland: 8 Unmissable Things to See & Do

In this post, Anna Timbrook of Expert World Travel runs through the highlights that you can expect on a trip to the Swiss canton of Graubünden.
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Como to Lugano: Our Cross-Border Day Trip from Italy to Switzerland

There’s something really exciting about crossing an international border. That moment when you pass from one territory to another, where ...
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A Non-Skier’s Guide to Sledging in the Jungfrau Region

In the first part of my non-skier’s guide, I introduced Winter hiking as an option for those who want to ...
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A Non-Skier’s Guide to Winter Hiking in the Jungfrau Region

I’m not a skier, so on a recent trip to the Jungfrau region in Switzerland, I went in search of alternative Winter ...