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Lake Como Itinerary: 7 Day Trip Starting in Milan, Italy

Discover Milan, Lake Como and Bergamo in our 7 day Lake Como itinerary, based on our own travel experiences.
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Argegno, Italy: 10 Reasons Why We Love This Village on Lake Como

When trying to decide where to stay on Lake Como in northern Italy’s Lombardy region, most people end up shortlisting ...
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Como to Lugano: Our Cross-Border Day Trip from Italy to Switzerland

There’s something really exciting about crossing an international border. That moment when you pass from one territory to another, where ...
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Bergamo, Italy: 6 Reasons to Visit Milan’s Lesser-Known Neighbour

If you're visiting Milan and the wider Lombardy region, you should also visit Bergamo. Here are six reasons why Bergamo is such a great city to visit.