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6 Great Things to Do in Bedford, England

Everything you need to know to plan a trip to Bedford, England, including places to eat and things to do.
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London’s Secret Places No.2: Grant Museum of Zoology

Imagine if I asked you to name as many of London’s museums as you can. Which ones spring to mind? ...
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Harry Potter Studio Tour London: 12 Top Tips for “Grown-Ups”

The Harry Potter Studio Tour on the outskirts of London is a truly magical place for children and adults alike. ...
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London’s Secret Places No.1: The Fitzrovia Chapel

In this new series, we’ll be exploring some of London’s secrets, uncovering buildings, eateries, exhibitions and artworks that deserve more ...
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The Iron Men of Crosby Beach; Another Reason To Visit Liverpool

Anthony Gormley's stunning 3km-long 'Another Place' work of art on Crosby Beach is yet another reason to visit Merseyside, the home of Liverpool.
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Climbing St Albans Clock Tower

With only a mere 93 steps to the top, St Albans Clock Tower certainly isn’t the tallest tower in Britain. ...
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Bubbleology: Bubble Tea Arrives in London’s West End

On a pedestrian street just north of Leicester Square in London’s Soho area, behind an unassuming facade is a cafe ...