21 Gift Ideas from Etsy for Friends & Family Who Love To Travel

By Matt Morelli

People who are into travel and have a severe case of permanent wanderlust are the easiest people to buy gifts for. The people I've just described will have read this and will be nodding sagely.

We are the type of people who delight in simple things, who like to receive things that enable us to discover something new and who like to share our interests with others. Buy us something that fulfills any of these criteria and you'll have a very pleased traveller on your hands.

In this post, we've found 21 things on Etsy that we think ticks all the boxes mentioned above and would be perfect gifts for someone who is inspired by travel. If you're struggling to find something nice for your friend or family member, keep scrolling.

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Your Travel-Loving Friend Will Love These Gift Ideas

Let's now dive straight into some gift ideas for your travel-loving, travel-obsessed friend or family member, hand-selected from the Etsy treasure troves.

World Bucket List Scratch-Off Print

1. World Bucket List Scratch-Off Print

Scratch your way around the world with this beautiful hand-drawn print featuring 80 watercolored icons depicting cities all over the world.

Get Lost Pennant Flag

2. Get Lost Pennant Flag

Those without an adventurous spirit might think this 'Get Lost' flag is a bit insulting. Only those who seek adventure will see it as a delightful invitation.

Mountain Range Bracelet

3. Mountain Range Bracelet

This delicate bracelet, made from stainless steel with gold or silver plating, is suitable for any occasion and subtly hints at the wearer's aspirations.

Personalised Travel Scrapbook

4. Personalised Travel Scrapbook

This Etsy creator will print a beautifully minimalist print of any map of your choosing. Great for immortalising that special place.

Life Is A Great Adventure T-Shirt

5. Life Is A Great Adventure T-Shirt

This unisex super soft, tri-blend Emerald short sleeve tee will be loved by anyone with an adventurous spirit.

Personalised Boarding Pass Luggage Tag

6. Personalised Boarding Pass Luggage Tag

These unique wooden boarding passes are a fabulous way of revealing a secret, impromptu trip to your significant other.

Departures Board Print

7. Departures Board Print

These bold departure boards prints are customisable. Increase the status of their home town by including it alongside the likes of New York and London.

Lisbon Print

8. Lisbon Print

Thanks to its iconic yellow trams, Lisbon is one of those places that is instantly recognisable. They'll love this modern depiction of this beautiful city.

Monochrome Mountain Pillow

9. Monochrome Mountain Pillow

Continuing our mountain theme, this uber-modern decorative cushion will bring a touch of scandi-design to their sofa.

The World Awaits Enamel Pin

10. The World Awaits Enamel Pin

A lovely reminder that the world will always be there for them to explore. They'll really appreciate the message.

Adventure Keyring

11. Adventure Keyring

More mountains, and a promise that adventure can happen when you least expect it.

Mountains Enamel Pin

12. Mountains Enamel Pin

An enamel pin badge with a charming illustration of mountains will help to keep the wanderlust fuelled.

Aeroplane Earring Studs

13. Aeroplane Earring Studs

These cute, inexpensive studs are made from silver with a choice of plating material.

14. Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

Enable your favourite traveller to cut down on their plastic use whilst out adventuring with this cute bamboo cutlery travel set.

Travel Safe Compass Necklace

15. Travel Safe Compass Necklace

This is a modern, non-religious Saint Christopher charm worn by adventurers through the ages to keep them safe.

16. Cork Travel Bag

A lightweight and durable cork travel bag, ideal for carrying zero waste bathroom essentials in.

Five Year Journal

17. Five Year Journal

They'll relish the prospect of using this gold accented journal to record their daily thoughts & adventures over the next five years.

18. Personalised Boarding Pass Mug

A great gift for someone about to embark upon an adventure who may or may not yet know they are. Can be fully personalised.

Stow Away Travel Kit

19. Stow Away Travel Kit

Everyone needs a favourite mug and this enamel variety depicting a traveller and their dog walking into the mountains might well become theirs.

Adventure Awaits Enamel Mug

20. Adventure Awaits Enamel Mug

Just existing is boring! Remind them to continue doing more with their lives with this funky t-shirt.

21. Handmade Shampoo Bar & Tin

With restrictions on liquids inside hand luggage, shampoo bars are always well received. This one is handmade and comes in a rust-proof tin.

Hopefully there's something on our list of suggestions that you think would be a great gift for that tricky someone who loves to travel. If you're still struggling, check out Etsy's gift guides, like this one that's full of great 'staying in' ideas*.

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