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Quiz: Test Your Travel Trivia in our Fiendishly Tricky Geography Quiz

Do you fancy yourself as a geography whizz? Test your knowledge by correctly answering 15 travel trivia questions in our quiz.

Do you fancy yourself as a geography whizz? Do you think you could major in travel trivia? Let’s find out!

Here’s your opportunity to put your knowledge to the test with our fiendishly tricky geography quiz! Answer the following 15 questions to discover just how much you know about the world.

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#1. Which of these nations does NOT officially have a rectangular national flag?

It’s Switzerland. Rather than a rectangular flag, the Swiss flag is officially square (Wikipedia).

#2. On which sea does Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkmenistan share a coastline?

It’s the Caspian Sea. Other countries with a Caspian Sea coastline are Russia and Kazakhstan.

#3. Which of these is NOT an Australian state?

While there is no state in Australia named ‘North Australia’, there is one named ‘Northern Territory’.

#4. Which US state is this the flag of?

Hawaii used to be a part of the British Empire and still retains the UK’s Union Flag as a part of its own flag.

#5. In which ocean can you find the Azores archipelago?

The Azores is a series of nine autonomous islands belonging to Portugal and can be found in the Atlantic Ocean.

#6. What is the capital of Moldova?

It’s Chisinau. Odesa is a city in Ukraine, Minsk in the capital of Belarus and Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia.

#7. What is the world’s deepest lake?

Russia’s Lake Baikal is 1642m (5387ft) deep and contains around 22% of the world’s freshwater.

#8. Which is these does NOT have a permanent river?

Saudi Arabia is in fact the largest country in the world without a permanent river.

#9. Where can the Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue, be found?

The Statue of Unity is 182m (597ft) tall and can be found in the state of Gujarat in India.

#10. Which of these languages is the third most spoken in the world?

It’s Hindustani with 544 million speakers. In first place, it’s Mandarin Chinese with 1.1 billion speakers, followed by English with 983 million. Arabic is in 5th place with 422 million speakers and Russian is in 7th with 267 million speakers.

#11. What is the capital of Morocco?

This is one of those capital cities that is commonly mistaken. The capital of Morocco is Rabat.

#12. Greenland is an autonomous territory belonging to which country?

Greenland is the world’s largest island and is an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark.

#13. Which of these languages does NOT exist?

Taqa’a is not a language, we made it up. Xhosa is spoken in South Africa, Occitan is spoken in parts of France, Monaco, Italy and Spain and Kirundi is mostly spoken in Burundi.

#14. What is the world’s most visited country?

According to 2018 figures, France is the most visit country with over 89 million international arrivals. Spain is in 2nd place, Mexico in 7th and Thailand in 9th.

#15. In which country is Hainanese Chicken Rice a national dish?

It’s Singapore. The dish was brought over by immigrants from China’s Hainan region.

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