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Our advertising package is designed to highlight sustainable, travel-related businesses to travel-obsessed readers who are keen to travel for the greater good.

Brand Sponsorship

Our brand sponsorship offer puts your organisation right in front of our 30k+ monthly readers, as well as our 2.7k+ Instagram followers.

Package includes;

Native ad at the top of all articles

A sponsorship box on our homepage

Link in our footer (all pages)

A message in our monthly newsletter

Shoutout on our Instagram stories

1 month brand sponsorship


Introductory price

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What can I promote?

We’re open to all kinds of businesses provided they have clear sustainability goals and they meet our values.

What is not allowed?

We will not display ads for weapons, adult material, medicine or gambling.

How many people will see my ads?

We can’t make any promises about reach, but we can give you a good idea based on stats from previous months. Just ask us and we can provide details.

What would an ideal advertiser look like?

An organisation connected to the travel industry in someway, with a commitment towards veganism and very clear sustainability goals.

How do I pay?

Payments are processed through Stripe, which accepts all major credit cards and Apple Pay. We’ll send you an invoice to your email once we’ve ironed out the details.

When do I pay?

Payment must be made in advance of your sponsorship period.