Scoop: A Tub of Indulgent Happiness in Sunny London

Our nomination for best ice cream place in London is Scoop, just a skip and a hop from Covent Garden Underground station.
Just a few flavours that are available at Scoop, London

With the weather still rather on the warm side here in London, people’s minds have turned to seeking out ways to cool themselves down. Air conditioning is not easy to find in the UK, and our buildings are purpose built with Winter in mind. That means more often than not, people have to find other ways of cooling themselves down.

Cue ice cream!

The exterior of Scoop, London

The exterior of Scoop, London

An interior shot of Scoop, London

An interior shot of Scoop, London

I have a couple of favourite ice cream places in London. but top of my list at the moment is Scoop (40 Shorts Gardens, London). Just a short walk from Covent Garden tube station, Scoop specialises in making thick and rich gelato made with natural ingredients from around the world. They pride themselves in doing this without any preservatives.

Lots of yummy flavours!

The flavour list is large with several unique varieties including Amarena (Sicilian black cherries and crunchy meringues) and Malaga (Chilean sultanas aged in Sicilian Marsala wine and sugar). Alongsidethe specials, there are varieties of stalwart flavours such as Cioccolato Fondente (with Gran Cru pure single origin cocoa) and Vaniglia (with single origin Planifolia and Tahitensis organic vanilla pods from Madagascar) which are both to die for. Each variety I’ve tried so far is incredibly thick and scrumptious – a real treat and well worth the asking price considering how large the scoops are and the quality of the ingredients used.

My favourites are Tiramisu, which tastes ridiculously similar to an actual Tiramisu and Caramello, which contains pasteurised Channel Island milk and caramel sauce. Expect my loyalties to change though as I continue to work my way through the menu. I’m pretty fickle when it comes to ice cream!

How to I get to Scoop?

Such is the importance we place on getting you to Scoop, we’ve thoughtfully provided a map showing its exact location.

Find out more

Explore Scoop’s full flavour list and read their philosophy towards their gelato on their website and if you can, (and I really think you should) drop by and try some today!

We’d love to find out your nominations for best ice cream place, wherever it may be! Share your recommendations in the comments box below.

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