Responsible Travel Choices

Being a responsible traveller has never been more important. Let us help you make more ethical & eco-friendly choices.

Look out for the green ‘R’

Our green ‘R’ icon helps you to identify more responsible travel choices. You’ll find it right next to relevant listings in our travel guides.

All content published from December 2020 will include the ‘R’ icon and we’re working hard to ensure all previous content includes it too.

What is Responsible Travel?

The term ‘Responsible Travel’ means different things to different people. Here’s how we’re defining it.


Travel will always cause some harm to the environment, but travellers can choose to take less harmful modes of transport and engage with projects that actively seek to maintain and mend the environment.


In some parts of the world, animals are exploited for tourism. Travellers can choose to avoid engagement in such practices and instead, support projects that protects wildlife.


Travel is the life blood of some communities. While travel is often a force for good, it should not be at the expense of local life, local tradition and local culture. A responsible traveller actively engages with all of these things and endeavours to ensure they are protected.

We’re still working on forming our Responsible Travel Policy. Everything on this page is subject to change.