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A peaceful looking vegan hotel lobby

How to Find Great Vegan Hotels, Hostels and Rooms For Your Next Trip

Find vegan hotels, hostels and rooms with ease with our travel guide, including website listings and essential tips.

A backpacker crosses a bridge in the forest

Long Term Travel: Realities of Backpacking and Pro Tips on How To Survive

Discover the realities of long-term travel that you can expect to experience the next time you go backpacking. There’s also practical tips on how to overcome some of the challenges that you might encounter.

How to Find Unforgettable Eco Holiday Homes

How to Find Unforgettable Eco Holiday Homes

In this post, we’ll show you how easy it is to discover unforgettable and affordable eco holiday homes to stay in during your next trip.

Eco-friendly travel products

27 Ultimate Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Travel Products

In this mega-post, we explore the exciting and ever growing world of eco-friendly travel products. Constantly updated.

A man smiles as he uses his mobile phone

5 Awesome Carbon Offsetting Apps to Help Reduce Your Footprint

Carbon offsetting isn’t perfect, but it can help to reduce your impact on the planet. In this post, we review 5 carbon offsetting apps.

Alternatives to Airbnb

6 Great Alternatives to Airbnb for Holiday Homes and Rentals

Are you struggling to find somewhere to stay on Airbnb? Don’t worry, you have other options. Discover some great alternatives to Airbnb here.

12 Amazing Less Explored Places You Should Visit in 2021

Overtourism is a global problem. If you’re seeking to avoid crowds & inflated prices, we have 10 fantastic less explored places for you to discover.

Virtual travel experiences with Airbnb

18 Fun, Creative & Immersive Online Travel Experiences with Airbnb

Virtual or online travel experiences are plugging the gap and giving us those much missed travel-feels during this seemingly never ending pandemic.

How We Book Trips: 9 Great Travel Booking Tools We Use

How We Book Trips: 9 Great Travel Booking Tools We Use

A summary of the travel booking tools we use to book trips all over the world. Includes Skyscanner, Airbnb, Trainline and Busbud.