Poznań, Poland: our favourite cafes, bars and restaurants

By on 3rd June 2020

Foodies rejoice! There’s a up and coming city for you to explore and that city is Poznań (located in the north-west of Poland). Not only is Poznań a tourist-friendly city that’s full of colourful, ornate buildings & pretty cobbled streets, but the food is outstanding.

In this post, we’ve listed some of the best cafes, restaurants and bars in Poznań that we discovered ourselves on our visit to the city.

We were really surprised at how consistently brilliant the food scene is in Poznań. Just about every single plate of food we encountered was fresh, inventive, full of flavour, impeccably presented and served in cafes, bars and restaurants that were decorated with great care and run by considerate and friendly staff.

We went to Poland expecting plates of dumplings served in Formica-clad cafeterias, but left with our assumptions on Polish cuisine blown to smithereens.

We really couldn’t have been more wrong!

Please note: This post was originally written before we became vegetarians. Some of the places listed therefore have meat-heavy menus. If you’re looking for veggie-options in Poznań, check out Weranda, Na Winklu and Lavenda, who all offer good options.

Post Contents

  1. Weranda: fresh, beautiful breakfasts & lunches
  2. Burger KONT: cheap & refreshing beers in a simple setting
  3. Tequilarnia Bar & Grill: cocktails & bar snacks on the square
  4. Na Winklu: perogi by the specialists
  5. Fat Bob Burger: juicy burgers by Fat Bob
  6. Lavenda: Lavender Tea with Lavender Syrup
  7. E.Wedel Chocolate Lounge: scrumptious chocolate tasting menu
  8. Honourable Mentions

The Best Cafes, Bars & Restaurants in Poznań

To whet your appetite and help you prepare for your own visit to Poznań, we’ve compiled the following list of places that we think are the very best places to eat and drink in the city.

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Outdoor seating area at Weranda Cafe, Poznań
The beautiful interior of Weranda Cafe, Poznań

Weranda: fresh & beautiful breakfasts & lunches

Address: Paderewskiego 7, 61-770
View Website | View on TripAdvisor

One of the first things we did in Poznań was drop-by Weranda, a gorgeous cafe near the town square. Inside, old mismatched furniture, distressed wood paneling and a web (or maybe that should be nest) of brown paper birds on strings created a cosy, welcoming ambiance. Outside, a lush canopy of trees shaded patrons from the warmth of the sun while they dined and socialised on the patio.

Since it was mid-morning, we opted for brunch in the form of a stack of pancakes. When it arrived, we were genuinely stunned by how beautifully presented our food was. It was almost too good to eat!

To drink, we opted for some fruit teas served with fresh mint and homemade jams. Perfection!

The oddly named Burger Kont in Poznań, Poland

Burger KONT: cheap & refreshing beers in a simple setting

Address: Półwiejska 42, 61-888

Exploring a new city in the warm, late-spring sunshine is hot and thirsty work. Thankfully, there are options aplenty in Poznań when it comes to getting a drink. Both of us parched, we were glad to stumble upon Burger KONT, a cool-looking bar and burger kitchen (no veggie/vegan options) located alongside the city’s main shopping center. If you’re shopping in the area, this place is perfectly located.

Burger KONT isn’t in a building as such, more an open-plan steel shell with plywood panels forming a roof and wooden decking as a floor. What it lacks in interior design though, it makes up for in comfort – you just can’t go wrong with deckchairs, beanbags and hammocks, right?

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Jade enjoying her cocktail in a glass skull
Elaborate “bar snacks” at Tequilarnia Bar & Grill in Poznań

Tequilarnia Bar & Grill: cocktails & bar snacks on the square

Address: Stary Rynek 56, 60-101
View on Facebook  | View on TripAdvisor

Poznań’s town square, Stary Rynek, is at the centre of the city’s tourism industry and also of its nightlife. The square is lined with cafes, restaurants and bars where the seats and tables spill out onto the square itself. Each establishment offers something different, from civilised dining to lively, party-style drinking.

Occasionally, we like a lively night out, so we grabbed some seats on the square outside Tequilarnia Bar & Grill. The music inside blared through the open windows, but outside we were still able to converse and enjoy the atmosphere. Table service was provided, as were blankets to keep the chilly evening air at bay.

To start things off, we ordered some cocktails which were served in glass skulls and lavishly decorated.

We were pleasantly shocked by the quality of the food. What was described on the menu as ‘bar snacks’ were in fact carefully prepared and presented sharing platters. We gorged on chicken wings with a thick glaze of BBQ sauce and tacos filled with tempura prawns. It was a long way from a standard bar experience.

We ate here before we became vegetarians. Regretfully, there are no veggie/vegan options on the menu.

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Delicious parcels of loveliness at Na Winklu

Na Winklu: perogi by the specialists

Address: Śródka 1, 61-125
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Na Winklu specialises in perogi and is popular with the locals. It’s location makes it a perfect lunch option if you happen to be visiting the nearby Cathedral. The restaurant is small and normally busy, so expect to have to wait for a table.

For those, like us, who are indecisive, Na Winklu offers a mix plate of large baked perogi with three different fillings – Meat, Spinach & Feta and Italian (Tomato). We also ordered a plate of smaller boiled meat-filled perogi. Both plates combined were enough for two people to share.

The perogi were tasty and, like most of the dishes listed on this page, inexpensive.

A juicy burger, Fat Bob style

Fat Bob Burger: juicy burgers by Fat Bob

Address: Kramarska 21, 60-101
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A sign in Fat Bob Burger informs its customers that Fat Bob is not Fast Bob. In other words, Fat Bob’s Burgers are freshly prepared to order and are worth waiting for. We certainly agree!

We ordered two burgers, one with juicy pulled pork, onions rings and bacon on top, the other with peanut butter, bacon, salsa, carrot, leek and alfafa spouts. Both were smashing and great value!

We shared a portion of coleslaw and chips for an extra 5zl and washed everything down with peach ice tea.

Regretfully, we don’t know whether there are veggie/vegan options here.

Crayfish salad at Lavanda, Poznań
A pot of lavender syrup sits atop a cup of lavender tea at Lavanda

Lavenda: Lavender Tea with Lavender Syrup

Address: Wodna 3, 61-781
View Website | View on TripAdvisor

One of our last meals in Poland was lunch at a cafe called Lavanda, a mere stone’s throw from Stary Rynek (assuming you have a good, strong throwing arm). We enjoyed a crayfish salad amid the chilled-out atmosphere that we thought was a perfect setting for spending a lazy Sunday morning.

Considering the name of the cafe, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to order a Lavender loose leaf tea served with lavender syrup. As you can probably imagine, it was delicate, floral and ever so refreshing.

If there’s still room, make sure you treat yourself to one of their delicious cakes.

We’re pleased to say, there are some fabulous veggie options here.

A trio of desert awaits their fate
The chocolate trio, part of the tasting menu at E.Wedel

E.Wedel Chocolate Lounge: scrumptious chocolate tasting menu

Address: Stary Rynek 92, 60-101
View Website

E.Wedel is effectively Poland’s national chocolate maker. As well as manufacturing tasty treats, they run a network of chocolate lounges, one of which can be found on Poznań’s Stary Rynek. We dropped in on our last night in Poland to sample their tasting menu.

We started with their ‘Flavoured Chocolate Trio’, three hot drinks, each flavoured with rose, chilli and blackcurrant. We then shared three deserts, a baked fruit crumble with vanilla ice cream, a tiramisu and a hazelnut ice cream sundae with hot salted caramel sauce. We were also treated to some soft bread sticks and samples of their chocolate spreads for dipping and a chocolate truffle.


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Honourable Mentions

These final three cafes and restaurants don’t warrant their own write-ups, but are still well worth checking out.

Matt soaks in the sunshine and the views
A wholesome pasta dish at Hotel Kolegiacki, Poznań
A fulfilling chicken dish at Hotel Kolegiacki, Poznań

Firstly, the rooftop restaurant at Hotel Kolegiacki (plac Kolegiacki 5, 61-841), offering fantastic quality food and splendid views over Poznań.

A small sample of the breakfast spread at Republika Róż

Secondly, a breakfast buffet at Republika Róż (plac Kolegiacki 2a, 60-101 | View on Tripadvisor), a friendly and welcoming cafe on a peaceful square just outside the city centre. A wonderful spread at a really great price.

Fun the make, even better to eat

Finally, these self-made ice lollies. You get to choose the coating from a wide range of options. Sadly, we can’t quite remember the name of the place that sold them, so keep your eyes peeled.

We’d love to know if you’re planning a visit to Poznań. We’re also keen to hear if you have any other suggestions for great places to eat and drink. Get in touch using the comments box below.

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2 thoughts on “Poznań, Poland: our favourite cafes, bars and restaurants”

  1. It looks so nice! I have been to Poland few times, but never to Poznan, I didn’t even know that it was great! I definitely need to go there too it looks amazing. I usually stay in Warsaw, and it is also very nice and in my opinion worth visiting. I am a huge foodie so my favorite aspect is always going to different cafes,bars and restaurants and exploring new flavors. My personal favorite spot in Warsaw is a bar and restaurant in one place and it is called Bubbles. They specialize in champagnes and wines, but their food is also so delicious. I always spend hours there, trying different specialties and of course different champagnes 😀

    • Hi Sarah,

      When we were looking to travel to Poland, we didn’t read that many positive things about Warsaw, so I’m really glad to hear that you think it’s worthwhile visiting. Thank you for your recommendations too. We combined Poznan with a trip to Wroclaw which was also good, but we did generally prefer Poznan out of the two. We like smaller cities and it has a cool, laid-back and young vibe – probably as it’s quite a university town. If you visit then we’d recommend the Airbnb we stayed in – cute, compact, good value for money and the hosts are amazing. They gave us such great tips on where to eat locally so we owe a lot to them. We’d really like to visit again and try out some more of the restaurants and get a different perspective on the food scene there now that we are pescatarians.

      We’d also recommend that you check out these Instagram accounts dedicated to food in Poznan which we love.

      Many Thanks,

      Jade & Matt


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