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18 Fun, Creative & Immersive Online Travel Experiences with Airbnb

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Virtual or online travel experiences are plugging the gap and giving us those much missed travel-feels during this seemingly never ending pandemic.

Whilst we’re all being sensible and avoiding international travel, we can at least still connect, albeit virtually, to different cultures and communities around the world using our electronic devices.

Airbnb have been at the forefront of online travel experiences boom, creating a thriving marketplace that’s full of truly fantastic and unique experiences for travel-deprived explorers to get their teeth into.

In this post we’ve gathered together 15 online travel experiences that we’ve either tried ourselves or that we would definitely go on in the future.

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Virtual Online Travel Experiences on Airbnb We’ve Tried

We’ve been working our way through the vast catalogue of Airbnb’s virtual online travel experiences. Here are the experiences we’ve tried so far.

One Day in Paris with a ParisianPin

One Day in Paris with a Parisian

Get a taste of Paris beyond the tourist highlights in this fun and immersive online travel experience.

What you’ll do: Learn how to order a ‘tradi’ (way better than a baguette), discuss quirky plans for a post-fire Notre Dame, find out about the four Americans who made the Louvre museum so famous, discover the birthplace of an iconic drink in the Royal Palace, learn how to picnic properly in Paris, and end the day with a secret underground party!

We’ve tried this! This was one of the first online experiences we tried. It was great fun seeing Paris through the eyes of a true Parisian.

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 Explore the 'Pink City' of Jaipur, IndiaPin

Explore the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur, India

Discover the beauty of Jaipur’s palace’s and forts with expert commentary from a local tour guide.

What you’ll do: This is an interactive storytelling adventure through pictures & videos that will take you back to the 16th century and the palaces and forts of the Maharaja. You’ll be shown unique Mughal & Hindu architecture and you’ll get to know why Jaipur is the most visited & ‘Insta-famous’ city in India.

We’ve tried this! We found this experience captivating. The photos and storytelling were top notch.

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Save Africa's Wildlife a Snare at a TimePin

Save Africa’s Wildlife a Snare at a Time

An engaging and thought-provoking look into animal poaching in Africa and the people who are fighting back.

What you’ll do: Be transported to the wilds of Africa from the comfort of your home. We’ll meet some of the members of an African snare removal and research team and some of the animals they’ve dedicated their lives to saving. During this live online experience, you’ll help find, catalogue and remove snares and traps used by poachers to catch and kill wildlife.

We’ve tried this! Easily one of the best experiences we’ve tried. We were fascinated at the lengths people go to to catch wild animals and were inspired by the actions of those trying to stop it.

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A Live Walking Tour in Bergen NorwayPin

A Live Walking Tour in Bergen, Norway

A resident of Bergen takes you live to the streets of Bergen, explaining the history of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage site and uncovering life in the modern day.

What you’ll do: We’ll walk through Bergen’s historic area, Bryggen, where I explain the importance of trade in this city, plus the influence of the German Hanseatic League. We’ll cover the history of Bergen in brief, from the Vikings to World War II. Along the way, we pass some of Bergen’s oldest buildings. After that, we move to the present day. As I walk you through my favourite secret streets, I’ll talk about everyday life in Norway.

We’ve tried this! We chose this experience because it’s one of only a handful of tours that take place in real-time. We weren’t disappointed. It was wonderful to see the streets of Bergen live and discover what life is like for residents.

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Discover Lisbon's Stunning Street ArtPin

Discover Lisbon’s Stunning Street Art

An interesting look at some of Lisbon’s street art hotspots with explanations of their meanings.

What you’ll do: This is an amazing interactive street art adventure, where you will see some of the highlights of Lisbon’s street art with discover their powerful messages. At the same time, you will learn about the history and culture of Lisbon through the eyes of a local artist.

We’ve tried this! We really enjoyed experiencing Lisbon’s street art scene, especially in neighbourhoods we would likely never have visited otherwise.

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Quito Virtual Guide & TraditionsPin

Quito Virtual Guide & Traditions

Experience the culture and heritage of this gorgeous and historic South American city.

What you’ll do: Discover Quito, the capital of Ecuador from a different point of view. Let me show you my lovely city from the comfort of your home. Quito’s historic centre is a UNSCO World Heritage site and offers a wide range of interesting buildings, places and traditions.

We’ve tried this! We have had limited interaction with South America, so it was wonderful seeing what this beautiful city has to offer.

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More Virtual Online Travel Experiences We Want to Try

There are so many amazing virtual online travel experiences on Airbnb, with more being added every week. Here are some of the experiences we want to try.

Zoom Around Panoramic BarcelonaPin

Zoom Around Panoramic Barcelona

Spend a day in Barcelona with a local guide in this interactive tour experience.

What you’ll do: The host will take you through a day in Barcelona using panoramic images, an interactive map they’ll share their own photos while answering your questions, offering stories & good humour. Ready to experience Barcelona as an insider? Then this tour is for you!

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Colombian Coffee from Bean to CupPin

Colombian Coffee from Bean to Cup

A virtual visit to a coffee farm in the mountains of Colombia, home of the world’s best coffee.

What you’ll do: You’ll be given an introduction to the origins of Coffee and how it became the world’s most consumed drink. You’ll see how to harvest specific cherries, how they are peeled, dried and finally roasted.

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Virtual Walk-through Athens Street ArtPin

Virtual Walk-through Athens Street Art

If Athens has been on your travel list for a while and you’ve an interest in street art and urban culture, then this is the experience for you!

What you’ll do: You’ll go on an interactive virtual walk around six alternative Athenian neighbourhoods, where you’ll learn about the history and evolution of Athen’s street art and culture. You’ll hear the inside stories of some of the most iconic masterpieces, both large and small, and learn about the “real” Athens, beyond the tourist spots and famous antiquities.

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Moroccan Home Cooking or PastriesPin

Moroccan Home Cooking or Pastries

Get insights into Moroccan cooking secrets and ingredients in this hands-on class.

What you’ll do: In this Moroccan cooking class, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Moroccan cuisine. Together, you’ll prepare a Moroccan starter & a Moroccan Tagine using a normal cooking pot (or a tagine if you have one). You’ll also get to experience true Moroccan hospitality.

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Tango Through the History of ArgentinaPin

Tango Through the History of Argentina

Let’s tango together! You can do this from home and don’t need any prior experience or specific clothing.

What you’ll do: Throughout this experience, you’ll discover how to feel the music and bring it to your body. You’ll learn the rules of the “game” and how to enjoy playing it at home. No matter your level, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, the rules will change so that the game never ends.

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Balinese Water Blessing RitualPin

Balinese Water Blessing Ritual

Be spiritually awakened and/or healed through this guided easy-to-do meditation.

What you’ll do: In this experience, you’ll be guided through ‘pranayama’, which is a Hindu breathing technique; this will relax & clear your mind of toxic energy. You will then go through the process of blessing the holy water as the host chants mantras.

Check availability of this experience*
Traditions of Mexico's Day of the DeadPin

Traditions of Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Travel to the heart of Mexico to live this enigmatic tradition that unites life and death in an incredible way.

What you’ll do: As part of this experience, you’ll be shown all the elements of a Day of the Dead altar, its history and meaning and how to make the famous and colourful Mexican “papel picado”. You’ll also be shown how to create a sugar skull using simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

Check availability of this experience*
Tokyo Spots and Culture Highlights TourPin

Tokyo Spots and Culture Highlights Tour

Explore Tokyo’s popular landmarks, food and culture like a local.

What you’ll do: Tokyo is a big city. In this interactive online travel experience, you’ll get a grasp of the lay of the land and everything that Tokyo has to offer. If you’re planning a future visit to Tokyo, this experience will help you prepare for it.

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Kenyan Home Cooking from my Family KitchenPin

Kenyan Home Cooking from my Family Kitchen

Discover how to make Kenyan cuisines from scratch with ingredients and materials from your own kitchen.

What you’ll do: You’ll be shown how to prepare authentic Kenyan dishes all using techniques from family recipes. What you’ll prepare depends on the day of your experience as there is a rolling menu. The host can accommodate a variety of dietary requirements, so don’t forget to mention them when you book.

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Discover Gay Life in RussiaPin

Discover Gay Life in Russia

Discover the history of LGBTQ life in historic and modern day Russia.

What you’ll do: Through personal accounts, you’ll discover the challenges of being a member of the LGBTQ community in Russia, from back in the days of the USSR to what it’s like today. The host will provide historic context and ends the experience with an open Q&A session.

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Egyptian Family DayPin

Egyptian Family Day

Discover and experience life as a modern day Egyptian.

What you’ll do: In this multi-faceted online travel experience, you’ll discover what it’s like to live in modern day Egypt. Topics covered include Egyptian food, how to make coffee, language and a variety of other quirky cultural highlights.

Check availability of this experience*

Untold Stories of San FranciscoPin

Untold Stories of San Francisco

An immersive experience that aims to show you a unique side of San Francisco.

What you’ll do: Join your host as we explore a modern take on the most scandalous stories of US’s richest people and visit some of the most breathtaking yet often overlooked landmarks that capture the true spirit of San Francisco.

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Have you tried any virtual or online travel experiences? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below.

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