Mak’s Noodle: Still (Just About) a Must Eat in Hong Kong

By on 12th July 2019

Thumb through any Hong Kong guide book and eventually you’ll find a reference to Mak’s Noodle. With branches dotted all over Hong Kong (and now in Macau & Singapore), most seem to agree that when it comes to serving wonton noodles, Mak’s is one the best.

This is despite growing concerns about the chain’s popularity affecting the service it provides. Those who have frequented Mak’s for some time complain that portions have shrunken in size while the price of a bowl has increased.

I dropped by the branch at the Galleria shopping arcade at the top of Victoria Peak to find out whether Mak’s is still worth trying.

The entrance to Mak's Noodle, Hong KongA
The entrance to Mak’s Noodle, Hong Kong
A steaming bowl of Mak's Noodle, Hong Kong
A steaming bowl of Mak’s Noodle, Hong Kong
A plump wonton in delicious soup at Mak's Noodle, Hong Kong
A plump wonton in delicious soup at Mak’s Noodle, Hong Kong

My experience at Mak’s Noodle

I had done my research before going to Mak’s. My expectations of this simple but famous dish were therefore met.

The wontons were plump and delicate, with the prawns inside cooked just enough so that they gave a satisfying bite. The noodles were plentiful and perfectly al dente (not too firm, not too soft). The broth was rich, stocky and oily (in a good way).

The portion was indeed rather small but it served quite nicely as a mid-afternoon snack. If you’re there for lunch or dinner, perhaps order some accompanying dishes. The noodles came with free tea which was a nice surprise.

From my European perspective, I thought the noodles were a bargain, but compared with prices for similar dishes in other restaurants in Hong Kong, I can understand why some balk at the cost. It is expensive for Hong Kong.

Overall, I was pleased with the experience and walked away satisfied. I wouldn’t necessarily say Mak’s was worth seeking out especially, but if you’re nearby and you’re peckish, go for it.

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