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Liverpool: The Best Veggie/Vegan Breakfasts, Brunches, Lunches & Dinners

By Matt Morelli

Liverpool's food scene has for a long time been at the cutting edge, catering to trends and setting brand new ones. The recent explosion of interest in cutting down on eating meat or even turning to an entirely vegan diet has not been ignored by restaurateurs and cafe owners.

While many eateries now offer veggie and vegan options, some have gone the extra mile and have put heart, soul and thought into providing something special to ethical consumers. We've put in the graft, sampling dishes from establishments across the city to find what we think are the best places to get veggie and vegan friendly meals.

So, whether you're wanting breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, this guide should have you covered.

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The Best Breakfasts, Brunches & Lunches in Liverpool

From early morning hunger pains to mid-afternoon snack attacks, Liverpool has so much to offer to the discerning veggie and vegan eater.

Love Thy Neighbour on Bold Street is made for Instagram
Love Thy Neighbour's former home on Bold Street
Every dish is carefully prepared and presented beautifully
Every dish is carefully prepared and presented beautifully

Love Thy Neighbour: Fabulously Instagrammable Brunches

Address: 3 Hatton Garden, Liverpool L3 2EF
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The white wood panels, faded pink colour scheme and leafy, green shrubbery at Love Thy Neighbour oozes with millennial-friendly, avocado-smashing, ‘grammable coolness. So much so in fact, I found that it changed my behaviour. Instead of striking my go-to goofy pose when Jade pointed a camera in my direction, I decided to wade into the unchartered territory of the ‘nonchalantly-drinking-a-smoothie’ pose. I guess I thought I should try to look cooler, given the surroundings.

In the daytime, food definitely leans on the side of breakfast & brunch, with plenty of eggs, toast, pancakes and smoothie bowls on offer. There are also burgers and buddha bowls, which then get served alongside a series of mains into the evening. Whatever you order, it will be fresh, nutritious and presented beautifully.

Please note: the photos in this post were taken at the firm's former Bold Street location. The decor and food however are almost identical in their new premises.

V/Ve: Plenty of veggie, vegan and gluten free options. Each item on the menu is thoughtfully displayed alongside 14 allergy and intolerance badges.

The understated interior of Naked Lunch Cafe, Liverpool
One delicious veggie breakfast at Naked Lunch Cafe, Liverpool

Naked Lunch Cafe: An Independent Cooperative Cafe

Address: 431 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 3JL
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If you're in the area visiting Sefton Park or Penny Lane and you're feeling hungry or thirsty, you have to stop by at Naked Lunch Cafe.

The interior decor is simple, functional and has that trendy industrial hipster vibe that appeals to us so much. It being a community-based business, the clientele is varied. Whilst we were there, we saw older couples enjoying breakfast, coffee drinkers on their laptops and entrepreneurs holding casual meetings.

The cafe has breakfast, lunch and evening tapas menus, each running at the times you would expect. Weekend slow-risers needn't worry however, as breakfasts run until 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Breakfasts and brunch range from toast and jam to full Englishes, with meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans all catered for. We really enjoyed our generous and good value veggie and vegan breakfasts.

V/Ve: A pretty good selection of veggie and vegan breakfasts, lunches and tapas dishes.

Unusual setting aside, Siren in Liverpool is a fabulous cafe
Unusual setting aside, Siren in Liverpool is a fabulous cafe
A delicious and wholesome vegan breakfast at Siren, Liverpool
A delicious and wholesome vegan breakfast at Siren, Liverpool

Siren: Wholesome Lunches

Address: 54 St James St, Liverpool L1 0AB
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This excellent cafe feels like it's been casually plonked in the reception area of an office block, but don't let this fool you. Siren is an excellent spot for brunch or lunch, right in the heart of the city's funky Baltic Triangle district.

Fairy lights and bunting help to mask the weird corporate feeling of the building. We actually liked the huge floor to ceiling windows though, as it gave the place a bright and airy feel.

Of course, the food is the main reason to visit. The menu promises a decent range of veggie and vegan brunches and lunches and, on our visit, we weren't disappointed. We really enjoyed a veggie and a vegan breakfast. Prices were very reasonable considering the quality and quantity of food we received.

In terms of lunch, the range is surprisingly wide ranging with Cauliflower Steak, Crispy Fried Gnocchi and Halloumi Fries on the menu, amoungst many other tasty treats.

V/Ve: A generous range of thoughtful veggie and vegan choices are available.

Coffe's at Barley & Beans are served with a side of M&M's
Coffe's at Barley & Beans are served with a side of M&M's
Scrumptious veggie breakfast at Barley & Beans, Liverpool
Scrumptious veggie breakfast at Barley & Beans, Liverpool

Barley and Beans: Thoughtful Comfort Food

Address: 17 Hatton Garden, Liverpool L3 2FE
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Warm, welcoming and cosy is the best way of describing Barley and Beans on Hatton Garden in the centre of Liverpool. Just about everything about the place makes you think of comfort and homeliness.

I'm not just referring to the interior which is understated with plenty of wood panels and cushioned benches. I'm also talking about the approach to food and drink. From monstrous freak shakes and stacks of fluffy pancakes to a small helping of M&Ms with every coffee, Barley and Beans is all about the thoughtful little touches that make you feel warm inside.

We started our day brilliantly with a filling veggie breakfast.

V/Ve: Veggies will find a few options but vegans might struggle.

Brunches of all kinds can be enjoyed at The Brunch Club, Liverpool
Brunches of all kinds can be enjoyed at The Brunch Club, Liverpool

The Brunch Club: Hearty Breakfasts & Brunches

Address: 37-41 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AP
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A list of Liverpool's best breakfast and brunch establishments simply wouldn't be complete without mentioning the city's ever popular Brunch Club.

Located a short stroll for Liverpool ONE, the Brunch Club's bare brick and wood interior is a lovely place to start your day.

For a place with brunch literally in its name, it's surprising to note that there are actually more cocktails on the menu than there are brunches. What they lack in quantity though, they make up with in quality and innovation.

Case in point, the Anti Fry-Up will catch the eye of hungry and curious veggies and vegans for the inclusion of hummus and vegan black pudding of all things. Washed down with one of 8 fruity smoothies and you'll feel like you've started your day right.

V/Ve: Not a huge range of options, but what they do have is excellent.

The Best Main Meals in Liverpool

As you might expect, Liverpool has plenty of places to get an evening meal. The following places however particularly caught our eye for their decent veggie and vegan menu options.

The Caledonia, a proper local boozer serving a fully vegan menu of fast food
Chimken wings, coleslaw and chips. In the background, a chilli dog.

The Caledonia: 100% Vegan Fast Food

Address: 22 Caledonia St, Liverpool L7 7DX
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The Caledonia is a rare gem!

To all intents and purposes, it's a local boozer. The patrons are real locals and seemingly know one another, the beers come from local micro breweries and, much to its credit, it looks like a local and somewhat tired looking pub too.

While these would be good enough reasons to visit already, we should perhaps mention that the massive menu of fast food is ENTIRELY VEGAN!

Burgers, long dogs, sandwiches, popcorn chimken, corny doggos, chimken wings and even desserts are all vegan, each come in a wide range of variations and served most of the day. Fun, filling, honest and great value too!

One more thing... The Caledonia is super, super, SUPER dog friendly, to the extent that the walls are covered in pictures of dogs who have previously graced the pub with their presence. Outstanding!

Please note, The Caledonia is a cash only pub, so make sure you have some on you when you visit.

V/Ve: All the food is 100% delicious and vegan!!!

Abandoned warehouses are now a hub of food, drink and socialising
Abandoned warehouses are now a hub of food, drink and socialising

Baltic Market: Hipster Street Food

Address: 107 Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5RE
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The repurposing of the Baltic Triangle's former industrial warehouses into bars, eateries and social spaces has been a roaring success. So much so, it's sometimes tricky finding a seat. Mid-week should be easier, but weekends will be a struggle.

Fear not however, as the food here is so good, you will be quite happy to stand or find a kerb outside to sit on whilst you gorge on tasty goodness. We've visited a few times over the years and have alwasy walked away happy.

Whether you're looking for a quick snack, a main meal, something sweet or just drinks and a chat, the Baltic Market is a good choice.

V/Ve: There's plenty of sweet and savoury goodies for veggies and a handful for vegans too.

Inexpensive and delicious pizza slices at American Pizza Slice, Liverpool
Inexpensive and delicious pizza slices at American Pizza Slice, Liverpool

American Pizza Slice: Massive, Fully-Loaded Pizzas

Address: 122 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4JA
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Additional smaller location: 52 Whitechapel, Liverpool L1 6EG (Save on Google Maps)

American Pizza Slice has been serving excellent, fully loaded pizza to the very grateful people of Liverpool since 1998. In that short time, they have created a reputation for quality and unrivalled deliciousness.

Whenever we're in town, we always stop by to enjoy a slice. It's just that good!

Veggie's can drop in for a slice and choose from a small selection of options or they can order a full-sized pizza. The veggie options can become vegan by swapping the cheese for sheese. Prices are really reasonable, but for the best value, grab one of the combo deals.

V/Ve: A few veggie options, which can become vegan on request.

Sample lots of different dishes at once with a Tiffin set at Mowgli, Liverpool

Mowgli: Unique, Indian-Inspired Street Food

Address: 3 Water St, Liverpool L2 0RD
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Additional smaller location: 69 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EZ (Save on Google Maps)

We've had more than our fair share of excellent Indian-inspired meals in our time, but there are only a few that have been exceptionally good. We've eaten at Mowgli Street Food at least three times and on every occasion, the food and the experience has been faultless.

There are two gorgeously decorated branches of Mowgli in Liverpool's city centre and both of them are incredibly popular. We've been pretty lucky on some occasions to get a table without much of a wait, but in general, bookings are practically essential.

The menu leans on adaptations of Indian street food, each carefully and freshly produced and presented beautifully. The menu is so full of tempting choices, it can be difficult to choose. If you're struggling, order a Tiffin set which contains a selection of different curries with rice.

V/Ve: There are extensive veggie, vegan and gluten-free menus.

Have you visited any of the places we've listed in our guide? Do you have any other suggestions for hungry veggies and vegans? Let us know in the comments below.

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