9 of Our Favourite Less-Explored Instagrammable Locations

Instagram has quickly become the number one place for travellers to share their stories and inspire those on the look-out for their next destination. Search for any location and you are served thousands of beautiful and inspiring photos of that place. Planning a trip and satisfying a case of wanderlust is suddenly very easy and accessible for everyone.

In this post, we’ve collated several of our favourite Instagrammable locations. We’ve steered clear of the most obvious places and have instead selected some of the world’s lesser-known and less explored destinations. These include our favourite second cities, small capitals and local towns that we think are picture perfect.

What makes a place Instagrammable?

So what do we mean by instagrammable anyway? For us at Here to Travel, we think an instagrammable location is one that is eye-catching, creative and unique. It’s somewhere that stops someone scrolling through their feed so that they can spend more time enjoying the scenes it offers. It’s somewhere that sparks someone’s wanderlust and encourages them to want to go. Simple!

Our list of Instagrammable locations

So, let’s dive into the list of our favourite less explored, Instagrammable locations from around Europe.

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The wavy black and white tiles and palm tress of Cascais, Portugal
Fine tiles meet unkempt grit – An Instagrammable moment in Cascais, Portugal
Rocky cliffs meet the Atlantic Ocean along the Cascais shoreline

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is a seaside town just 20 minutes away from central Lisbon by train. Whilst Lisbon strains under the weight of the tourist surge it’s currently enjoying, Cascais remains relatively untouched. With that in mind, it’s a great place to get some photos of those typically Portuguese scenes without a mass of other tourists getting in your way. Decorative tiles and wavy black and white patterned squares are in presence here with the added bonus of palm trees, sandy beaches and fabulously snappable caves and cliffs.

A boat house on the shore of Schliersee, Germany
The Alpine scenery awaiting you in Schliersee
Even the cows in the Schliersee region are photogenic

Schliersee, Germany

We’d be surprised if you’ve heard of the small Bavarian town of Schliersee. Thanks to a direct rail connection to Munich, it’s a favourite holiday destination for locals looking to make the most of the area’s stunning Alpine scenery. It’s practically impossible to take a bad photo here. The lake sparkles, the mountain’s stand majestically and even the cows looks photogenic.

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The lavender fields outside Hitchin, UK are a haven for photographers
Jade enjoying the beautiful scenery at Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin, United Kingdom

The small market town of Hitchin is a short 30 minute train ride from London and offers pretty, cobbled streets lined with fantastic independent cafes and shops. Just outside the town centre is the main reason visitors flock to the area every summer. The lavender fields of Hitchin Lavender are a perennial favourite of UK-based travel bloggers and photographers, thanks to its incredibly photogenic setting.

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Almost all of Argegno can be seen from the pedestrian bridge near the marina
An appropriately named boat is moored in Argegno’s small marina

Argegno, Lake Como, Italy

On the shore of Italy’s stunningly beautiful Lake Como, Argegno manages to escape much of the attention the region deservedly gets. Instead, tourists tend to simply drive straight through Argegno on their way to one of the major resort towns. We think this is a huge mistake. Not only does Argegno provide a quieter, more authentically Italian experience, with plenty to see and do, but it is also really, really pretty.

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The beautifully preserved Main Square in Bratislava, Slovakia
A pretty restaurant on the road leading to Bratislava Castle

Bratislava, Slovakia

The Slovakian capital is commonly left off of itineraries in favour of nearby Vienna. But take one look at a few photos of Bratislava and you’ll appreciate that it deserves to be Instagrammed a heck of a lot more than it does currently. The small tourism-focused old town is perfect for sightseeing on foot and offers a strangely youthful feel despite the abundance of well-maintained historic buildings.

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Stary Rynek, the impossibly beautiful main square in central Poznan, Poland
The red facade of a church dominates the end of the street in central Poznan, Poland

Poznań, Poland

Quite why Poznań isn’t world-renowned is completely beyond us. Its contemporary food scene is inspired, the night-life is brilliant, the central square is impossibly beautiful and there’s so much to see and do. Throw in the fact that prices are surprisingly cheap and you have a perfect city break destination. Stary Rynek, the city’s central square, is where you’ll be taking most of your snaps. It’s gorgeous!

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Fragile: The display of bottles behind the bar at the Bar That Does Not Exist in Brno should come with a warning
We won’t ruin the surprise – artwork can be found throughout Brno

Brno, Czechia

Oft-overlooked Brno is a smart, tourist-friendly university town with stacks to see and do, lots of welcoming cafes and bars and a strong focus on public art. The street-based art (some of which is rather cheeky) provides some great Instagrammable opportunities, as does the pretty, red-roofed architecture and the decor inside some of the city’s bars. It’s a place that offers plenty of pretty unique sights, so it’s a good place to gleefully snap away and fill up your feed.

Fear not veggies! Brno has plenty of great veggie-friendly places to eat and drink.

The exterior of Duomo di Bergamo
The almost monochrome gorgeousness of Duomo di Bergamo

Bergamo, Italy

We don’t blame our Italian friends at all for wanting to keep Bergamo a secret from the rest of the world. It’s a wonderful little city whose photogenic medieval streets are a delight to discover and whose churches and cathedrals are breathtaking. Photo opportunities are plentiful along the old stone walls of the old town and at the iron gates upon which you’ll find the city’s lucky golden testicles (trust us).

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The Mediterranean waters between Gozo and Malta sparkle in the sunshine
Our first view of the gorge we’d be climbing in near Mġarr ix-Xini

Gozo, Malta

Everyone always says the same thing about Gozo, Malta’s little sister island to the northwest of the main island. Reluctantly, we’re going to say the same thing. It’s like stepping back in time. It’s for this reason that Gozo makes our list of Instagrammable locations. The citadel in Ir-Rabat (Victoria) offers splendid views of the surrounding, largely untouched landscape. Take on some rock climbing, something the island is world famous for, to truly appreciate Gozo’s beauty and to fill-up your Instagram feed.

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What locations do you think are going to be the next big thing on Instagram? 

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