Our Magical Isle of Skye Elopement: Photos & Details

This is the story of our incredible Isle of Skye Elopement.

We will mostly be allowing the photos from the day to tell the tale, but we’ll also include some detail for those of you who also aspire to elope to the the Isle of Skye.

Our requirements for our wedding day were very straightforward;

  • we wanted our day to be private – just the two of us
  • we wanted to get married outdoors and in nature
  • we wanted there to be no fuss and for the day to be relaxed and informal

Having done lots of research, we discovered that Scotland allows couples to marry literally anywhere (with agreement from the registrar). With a plethora of incredible landscapes to choose from, Scotland very quickly became the focus of our location search.

After some false starts and with the help of other bloggers, we found an ideal spot for our ceremony, on the shores of Loch Coruisk on the Isle of Skye.

Let’s begin our photo story of our Isle of Skye elopement, starting with the morning preparation.

At A Glance

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Preparing for our Isle of Skye Elopement

The day of of Isle of Skye elopement starts in ‘Dark Skye Cottage’ in Broadford.
Jade smiles as she has her make-up done by Lynn Reilly of Skye Beauty
Jade has eyeliner applied by Lynn Reilly
Jade laughs as she has her hair done
Lynn Reilly from Skye Beauty works on Jade’s curls
Matt’s custom suit and Jade’s ‘charity shop’ dress
Matt’s shoes alongside Jade’s ‘lucky discovery’ shoes

Our Outfits

Matt bought each element of his suit individually from a local men’s outfitter shop and from Asos. He wanted something modern, classy and informal and something he could wear beyond the wedding day.

We went dress shopping together. We started by visiting traditional bridal shops, but ended up buying a dress from a charity shop in Kent. Jade arranged for some alterations with a local seemstress and hand-crafted the blue flower embellishments on the belt.

Jade’s shoes were also discovered in a charity shop. By sheer chance, they were the exact shoes she wanted for the day. We bought them at a bargain price!

As you will discover as you scroll through the story, these shoes actually weren’t worn during the ceremony itself.

Matt concentrates really hard whilst fastening his shirt buttons
Rather than buying one complete suit, Matt bought each element of his suit seperately
Jade afixes Matt’s homemade boutonniere
Jade pops in her pearl earrings to complement her other pearl jewellery
Jade’s home-made bouquet rests on a bar stool

The Bouquet

Jade made the bouquet herself by hand. She collected various grasses and flowers from the area local to our home and hung them upside down to dry for a few weeks.

The paper flowers are crafted out of maps of countries that we have previously visited, to symbolise our love of travel.

The bouquet is fastened together with hession ribbon and finished with a golden winged key charm to symbolise Jade’s love of the Harry Potter series.

Jade is ready to go
Jade looks out of the skylight in the attic
Jade walks down the stairs
Matt’s turn to gaze confidently out of the skylight
Matt fiddles with Jade’s necklace
Enjoying a vintage book on the ‘Island of Skye’ (We’re pretending to read it)
We love this shot!
Our cake was bought the day before from the Isle of Skye Baking Company. The ‘Just Married’ embelishment was from Paperchase.
We cut the cake before we set off, mostly because we were starving. The brown paper bags are so that we can share our cake
Our handmade rings sit inside a custom-made rings box (Etsy), and a closer look at Matt’s boutonniere
Off we go! Both ready, we set off from our cottage to Loch Coruisk

Find out more: Make Your Own Wedding Rings: Our Experience at a Jewellery Workshop

Getting to Loch Coruisk

Elgol was a 30 minute drive away and from there, we would need to charter a boat to the mouth of the Skavaig River. Upon landing, we would then take a 30 minute walk to a spot on the shores of Loch Coruisk for our ceremony.

In keeping with our collective desire to keep things simple, we hitched a ride to Elgol in the back of our photographer’s van.

Our chartered boat had been pre-booked with Misty Isle Boat Tours.

We head towards our chartered boat (Misty Isle Boats)
An opportunity to see Jade’s wellies – we weren’t expecting such amazing weather
Titanic pose – We couldn’t help ourselves
Dancing as we set out on the high seas – Poop poop!
As we approached the landing point, we sailed past a colony of seals – How exciting!
We land amidst the beautiful Cuillin Mountains
Jade heads up the jetty
Jade takes in the surroundings from a rocky vantage point
We have around a 30 minute walk in order to get to the ceremony location of our Isle of Skye Elopement
Tanni is our celebrant’s dog. We were so pleased she came along too.
Traversing the rough terrain
We couldn’t believe how amazing the landscape was
Tanni runs ahead and chooses the perfect spot for our ceremony
Jade forgot to bring our bouquet with her, so she improvises

Our Humanist Ceremony

We take up our spot for the ceremony with the world’s most amazing backdrop
Tanni makes herself comfortable as Neil begins the ceremony
Tanni keeps a suspicious eye on our photographers
Jade looks incredible
Our custome-made quaich, made on the island by Uig Pottery
Down in one – Jade drinks her share of the booze
Matt sips on the Slovenian wine we bought with us
Jade wears lavender from Hitchin Lavender in her hair – a symbol of the town where we call home
Jade beams at Matt as they exchange vows
Jade pushes the ring she hand-made onto Matt’s finger
Jade & Matt ‘tie the knot’ with the homemade ribbon Jade made

After the Ceremony

After our ceremony, we posed for some photos and danced to music amidst the wonderous landscape. It was truly magical.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds head back to the boat
Jade carries our wedding bits in a ‘Bride Tribe’ canvas bag from Paperchase
We get the opportunity to explore the shores of Loch Coruisk
Matt & Jade, now husband and wife
Jade takes a moment to take a look at her new husband
Wandering the shoreline

Upon our return to the boat, the skipper revealed a bottle of bubbly that he had been chilling in the water. He also treated each of us to a dram of finely aged whisky.

Back on the boat, the skipper shares some whisky with us
As the photo shows, we’re not used to drinking whisky
Back in Elgol, Jade pauses underneath a tree
The geology along the shoreline in Elgol was incredible
One of our favourite photos – it was a scramble to get uo there, but worth the effort

Our boat sailed us back to Elgol and, upon our arrival, the propriator greeted us with a gift – a decorative tile depicting Loch Coruisk.

We thanked and parted ways with our celebrant, Neil and then headed to Elgol beach with some more photos.

A moment captured during our Isle of Skye Elopement
Our photographer tried out his newly purchased drone – It was fun laying on the rocks
A blissful moment as we stare out at Scotland’s majestic beauty

Our Isle of Skye Elopement Team

We’d like to thank the following people, organisations and businesses for making our dream Isle of Skye elopement a reality.

Other Suppliers and Makers

  • Jade’s ‘Team Bride’ canvas bag and notebook were made by Paperchase
  • Jade’s jewellery was made by Simply Silver and Jon Richard
  • Jade’s dress was made by JJsHouse, with some alterations.
  • Jade’s high heels were made by Irregular Choice.
  • Jade’s wellies were made by Joules
  • Matt Jacket was made by SAND, Copenhagen
  • Matt’s shirt was made by Eterna
  • Matt’s trousers were made by MMX
  • Matt’s belt, shoes, socks and tie were bought from ASOS*
  • Our wooden ring box was bought from Etsy*
  • Our cake topper was made by Gingerray

If you’re planning your own Isle of Skye elopement, we’d love to hear all about it and answer any questions you might have.

Please get in touch using the comments box below.

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