Extraordinary Photos of Hitchin Lavender in Full Bloom

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Extraordinary Photos of Hitchin Lavender in Full Bloom on Here To Travel

Hitchin is a small town in Hertfordshire, around 50 km north of London and around 30 minutes by train from Kings Cross station. Its pretty centre boasts cobbled streets, independent eateries, a one thousand year old church and a market square that hosts a variety of interesting events.

Just outside the centre though is Hitchin’s biggest attraction, one that draws in day tripping tourists from all over the world. That attraction is Hitchin Lavender.

Jade and I visited the fields recently after seeing a tweet proclaiming the fields were in full bloom. Sure enough, the tweet was spot on and we were treated to a dazzling and spectacular floral and aromatic display.

The fields of Hitchin Lavender

Beautiful Lavender

White & Purple Lavender

Visitors enjoy the sights & smells at Hitchin Lavender

Word had seemingly spread and we were joined by a hundreds of fellow lavender fans keen to experience this stunningly colourful show of nature. Visitors strolled through the long stems, taking deep breathes of the sweet, herbal aroma and running their hands over the sturdy flower tips. Despite the numbers, the fields were a tranquil, happy place. Some had brought a picnic and blankets and had set themselves up for the day around the field’s periphery.

The humans weren’t alone. Thousands of bees, hypnotised by the purple radiance were busily flying from bloom to bloom collecting nectar.

Bee on Lavender

Jade at Hitchin Lavender

Vibrant Colour

Walking Through the Lavender

Help yourself to as much you can carry

The wonderful and unique thing about visiting Hitchin Lavender (apart from the jaw-dropping scenes) is that you can harvest as much of it as you like. With your entrance ticket, you can claim a pair of scissors and a large paper bag, which you can then fill with as much of the stuff as you like. We dutifully snipped away, not really knowing what we were going to do with our freshly collected purple loot, but enjoying it all the same.

Others were making immediate use of their spoils, fashioning elaborate headdresses and bouquets on the spot. Most though, like us, were content with selectively harvesting the best blooms and worrying about what to do with them all later.

Bag of Lavender

Matt at Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

How to visit Hitchin Lavender

Entrance to Hitchin Lavender is £4.50 each (picking included). There’s no need to pre-book. The fields are outside of the town centre, so getting there by car is the easiest option. There’s plenty of free on-site parking.

Day-tripping from London by train is definitely a viable option. A weekend return from Kings Cross station is £12.60. Upon arrival at Hitchin station, you’ll find a taxi rank outside the entrance. Make sure you grab a business card from the driver so that you can call them to collect you when you’re ready to head back to the station.

Hitchin Lavender is will open for the 2018 season on 26 May 2018. For full details, including opening hours, visit the Hitchin Lavender website.

Have you any ideas for what we can do with all the lavender we collected? Or do you have any questions about Hitchin Lavender? If so, drop us a comment in the box below.

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