Planet Patrol

Beach Cleans, Litter Picks, River Cleans

Organised by Plant Patrol

Planet Patrol was set up in 2016 and we’ve already removed over a quarter of a million pieces of litter across 80+ countries. Planet Patrol exists to protect, preserve and restore nature by addressing the pressing threats of pollution. With your help we can continue our mission to stop pollution at source.

Together we are community activists. We are mental health advocates. We are innovators. We are system-changers.

We organise clean ups all over the world to bring communities together, for people who want to do their bit and have a little adventure at the same time.  The clean ups can be inland or on our waterways and are tied to activities like yoga, paddle boarding and kayaking. Every clean up, where litter is picked up, photographed and logged in the Planet Patrol app, helps our environment.

As well the locations listed above, there are regular events held in:

  • Kingston-Upon-Thames, England
  • Cargreen, England
  • Gloucester, England
  • Wigan, England
  • Ullswater, England
  • Liverpool, England
  • Tamworth, England
  • Bedford, England
  • Oxford, England
  • Tonbridge, England
  • Egham, England
  • Barry, Wales
  • Bremen, Germany
  • Loch Faskally, Scotland
  • Aberfeldy, Scotland