Conserve Natural Forests in Pai, Thailand

Animal Care, Conservation, Tree Planting

Organised by Conserve Natural Forest

1000 Baht

Come join us for a day! Our original project site and tree nursery are tucked away in a quiet, beautiful valley with the Pai River running through it. CNF invites anyone who would like to learn more about tropical forests, ecological restoration, sustainable tourism, and Asian elephant conservation – and we believe the best way of learning is doing! From seed to tree, prepare to get your hands dirty doing the good work. 

Our tours run between 13:30 and 17:00 daily. We ask for a minimum 1000 baht per person for the day.

When you arrive at the project site, we will provide refreshments and spend a few minutes explaining our work and context – what we do and why we do it. This includes a brief history on forest and wildlife conservation in Thailand and the ecology of forest restoration – a forest is so much more than just the trees! Education is perhaps the most important part of this experience, and this introduction is meant to foster questions and robust discussion for the rest of the tour.

There is an adult female elephant named Kamee who is free to roam the land and do as she pleases. She was relocated to our site in 2017 after many years of hard work and she is now retired. You will likely see her feeding or bathing in the river during your visit, but we ask that you kindly give her space. She is not here to entertain guests, we will not compel her to join us, and interactions will be kept to minimum for her safety and well-being as well as ours.