Ethics Statement

We want to ensure that this website has a positive impact on the world. To help us achieve this, we want to be up front about our values and beliefs and how those translate into how we work and the content that we produce.

In this statement, we will explain our position on a number of topics/issues and, if applicable, what we will do/are doing in response.

Please note: This statement is currently under development and under constant review and is subject to immediate alteration at any time.

Ads & Commercial Partnerships

It is our hope that one day, we are able to earn a living from running this website. It is though very important to us that we do this ethically and with transparency.

Here are some of the ways we hope to achieve this:

  • We will ensure that ads/paid content/commercial partnerships are easily distinguishable from regular content
  • We will not make use of third-party ad networks that tracks our users all over the internet (see more on this below in ‘Privacy’).
  • We will prioritise the formation of partnerships with companies/organisations that have a positive impact on the world.
  • We will not form partnerships with companies that evade tax, that excessively pollute, that do not take good care of their workforce and/or make products that are harmful in any way to society or the environment.


The privacy of our users is very important to us. Our Privacy Policy sets out in detail the stringent steps we have taken to ensure user privacy is at the forefront of our processes. We don’t want our success to be at the expense of infringing on your rights.

We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy, but here are some of the steps we have taken in summary:

  • We will not make use of third party ad networks. That means we don’t make use of any cross-site tracking cookies.
  • We use a self-hosted analytics platform to monitor how our site is used. This information helps us to measure the performance of our work and to make future decisions. The analytics platform we use is privacy-focused and does not collect any personal data.


According to Website Carbon Calculator, our website produces an annual average of 76.63kg of CO2 equivalent. That’s the amount of carbon that 4 trees absorb in a year. Whilst the calculator states that our website is cleaner than 63% of all the other websites they’ve tested, we are not satisfied and we’re committed to improving our green credentials even further.

We are currently in the process of seeking the best methods to achieve this. Part of the process will be to;

  • reduce the page load speed of our website. A smaller page size requires less energy to load.
  • potentially move the website to a greener website host.

Update: Our own research indicates that the data centre where our website is hosted is powered by 100% renewable energy, so it is possible that our score (above) does not take this into account. We are continuing to look into this.