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How to Find Unforgettable Eco Holiday Homes

In this post, we’ll show you how easy it is to discover unforgettable and affordable eco holiday homes to stay in during your next trip.

As more and more of us are becoming aware of the impact that our activity is having on the planet, the demand for eco holiday homes in increasing.

Thankfully, some travel companies have anticipated our desire for environmentally-friendly accommodation and have made it super easy to find somewhere unforgettable to stay.

In this post, we’ve listed a handful of these companies to get you started on your search.

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Great places to find eco holiday homes

Without further ado, let’s check out our list of places to find eco holiday homes, both globally and in the UK.

We’re hoping to update this list as we discover more places to find eco holiday homes. Do make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to be amongst the first to receive updates.

Find eco holiday homes with EcobnbPin
Find eco holiday homes with Ecobnb


Ecobnb are currently the most well-known sustainable accommodation tool. With a growing number of sustainable holiday home options listed on the site, located all over the world, it’s easy to see why. Ecobnb have ten main criteria that each property has to meet before they get listed on the site, including 100% renewable energy, ecological cleaning products and more than 80% of waste recycled.

It’s an ever-improving tool and should be your first stop when searching for eco holiday homes.

Find eco holiday homes with BiostaysPin
Find eco holiday homes with Biostays


Biostays have a small, but growing number of eco holiday homes on their site, amongst a number of eco-friendly hotel listings. Each property is vetted by the team for their sustainability credentials. On top of this, the company has partnered with the Rainforest Trust, protecting 0.8 hectares (2 acres) of rainforest with every booking.

Find eco holiday homes withPin
Find eco holiday homes with Cool Stays

Cool Stays

Cool Stays makes it super easy to find eco holiday homes amongst its thousands of global listings. We weren’t able to find any details as to whether Cool Stays has specific criteria on what is defined as ‘eco-friendly’, so you’ll need to have a read of each property’s description to determine whether it’s really cutting the mustard.

Many of the properties that were listed under the ‘eco-friendly’ category certainly appeared to be meeting or exceeding our sustainability requirements, so it’s certainly worth a look.

Find eco holiday homes with Host UnusualPin
Find eco holiday homes with Host Unusual

Host Unusual

If unique and quirky stays is more your thing, you’ll love Host Unusual. There are house boats, yurts, tree houses and even horse boxes on offer, each tagged with the site’s ‘Eco Stays’ category. There are hundreds of options to chose from, located all over the world (do check the map).

Similarly to Cool Stays (above), it’s not immediately clear how a property gets tagged as an ‘eco stay’, so do read the descriptions. Host Unusual has however signed up to Ecologi to offset the emissions of their team’s personal and professional lives, which does show some commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

Find eco holiday homes with Unique HomestaysPin
Find eco holiday homes with Unique Homestays

Unique Homestays

For those with a bit more money to spend, Unique Homestays have a special category for the luxury UK-based homes in their inventory that are sustainably designed and feature eco technology. Prices are considerably higher than you’ll see on the other sites in this list, but you do get some super-fancy places to stay in return for your hard-earned dosh.

One thing to keep in mind is that many of the eco holiday homes in the list house between 8-12 people, so once you factor that in, the prices do become a little more reasonable.

Find eco holiday homes with National Trust HolidaysPin
Find eco holiday homes with National Trust Holidays

National Trust Holidays

UK-based conservation charity National Trust operate a number of their own holiday homes, each fitted with solar panels and eco-friendly heating ‘without compromising on comfort or style’. What’s even better is that 100% of the money they make on their homes goes back in conservation work. Can’t say fairer than that!

We hope you’ve found our list of places to find eco holiday homes useful. Do make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you’re the first to know when we update this list in the future.